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Free Shipping for Active Military

Free Shipping for Active Military Personnel

At TacOpShop, we love our military!!

All season long, we offer free shipping on all SuperKit packages to Active Duty Personnel in the contiguous, continental United States. We are proud to offer this as a bonus to those of you in uniform who risk all to keep our country safe.
TacOpShop has built firearms for many active duty military personnel, most while serving in Afghanistan or Iraq. But even if you're state-side, we are proud to call our Active Duty Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Guardians and Airmen our customers.  Walk-in customers can receive discounts up to $50 off the normal price of any "SuperKit" package or $35 off any accessorized rifle, shotgun or pistol.

One question we often receive is, "When and to where does the gun get shipped?"

Well, that depends. As you know, Active Duty Military Personnel may purchase long guns in person from a non-resident or temporary residency state dealer without unusual, additional paperwork. Firearms purchased over the phone or internet must be shipped to the Service Member's state of legal residency. Upon arrival, many dealers across the country charge a weekly or monthly storage fee for handling and storage after they receive a gun for transfer. If you'd like to avoid those charges, we can hang onto the firearms for you and ship them to your FFL dealer of choice only after you return from Temporary Duty or Deployment abroad. No charges will be assessed for this storage regardless of the duration. If you prefer that the gun be shipped immediately, of course, that's no problem either. We will work with you and time the shipment to whatever makes your life easier!

You can call to check up on your firearms at anytime. We are very pleased to speak with our Servicemen abroad, and thank you all for your continued service to our country.

May God bless you, and may God bless America!

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