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Have a look of what some of our buyers are saying about their purchase at TacOpShop


Tim P from Minnesota     

I thought I would let you know I picked up my rifle last Monday, it is sweet man!!!...Maybe I can get you some business out of our working together. 


Richard B from Texas

Picked it up today. Well Done. Thank you.


John A from Utah 2013

Hi Jason,

I have not had a chance to go out and shoot my new rifle yet but I was showing it to some friends last night and everyone really liked it. One guy, who always gets high end stuff, said he liked mine better than his and I know he paid at least double what I did. I don't remember what brand he has but I thought you'd like to hear that. I'm planning on going out Saturday to sight everything in.


Daniel H from Ohio 2013

Hello Jason and Tonya, I received my rifle this week from you. I am impressed! I think its a great idea to put together kits like this. You were a pleasure to do business with, professional and courteous.

I just want to say thanks and good luck in the future.



Andy D from Minnesota Feb 28


Just thought I would let you know. I put 700 rds plus through the MMR without cleaning. Just wanted to see how far you can push one before a stove pipe or ejection failure.

Finally failed just after 700 rds. I think I will clean it now. LOL. Very happy with gun so far.

I am spreading the word in my community about TacOps!!! Hands down the best service I have had!

Customer satisfaction letter coming soon!!

Thanks to you and Tonya!!!



Andrew K from Virginia Feb 13, 2014

Tonya, I received the AR. It is fantastic.  Thank you for your support, I will be recommended you to several friends and I hope to do business with you in the future.



Ricky M from Texas Jan 31, 2014

I just received my Mossberg MMR today and I just wanted to say you all did an excellent job with all the accessories on the AR, it looks really nice.


Steve G from South Dakota  Jan 13, 2014


Thanks for meeting all my expectations on the gun! It's fricken sweet and couldn't be happier...you did awesome.

Thanks again!


Billy G from Oklahoma Jan 10 

Jason I received the gun and am impressed as hell and this FFLA could not believe what u sold it to me for Thanks again much appreciated


Herb K from California Jan 6


I just wanted to give you an update on the rifle.

I spent 4-5 hours at the range and the MMR performed great. Once we got the site dialed in we were able to hit coke cans at 100yards. I'm very happy with everything on the rifle.

thanks for everything.


Matt V from Iowa 10/29/13

Just got my DPMS Super Kit last night and it looks amazing! I appreciate the business and the hassle free purchase!!


Don B from Oregon 10/15/15

Well, I must say that I'm a bit surprised of that unexpected extra Lock, etc... Thank very much. 

Everything went event free. The package arrived undamaged in anyway, and, on time. 

I will say I really like the Super Kits because I really don't have the time running around trying to find and install add-ons.

Everything I wanted is here and it looks great.


Dannie F from Louisianna 10/21/15

Just received my SRM 1216 that you built for me. I want to thank you for all your help in recommending optics and so forth and your patience with me on this order. It was a PLEASURE working with you on this. It turned out excellent.


Chris P from Ohio 10/28/15

Thank you very much for all your help and fast and exemplary business. I greatly appreciate all that you did and my experience with your shop was nothing short of perfection. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Jay W from Texas 11/17/15

Just wanted to say thanks for the experience of my purchase.
I finally got to enjoy my S&W M&P 15. I have put about 1000rds thru it to date w/o any problems and the comments I have received from my co-workers are great when they hear what I paid for it. I have referred several from my agency to you and hope at least 1 or 2 have made an inquiry or checked out the web site. Keep up the great work.


Don P from Ohio 2/8/16

Received the AR-15 this past Friday. Looks great, Got everything I expected. Can’t wait to get it out to the range to see how it going to preform.Thanks for your great customer service.


Joshua P from Georgia 1/29/18

I just wanted you all to know that I received my AR yesterday, 1/23. I was able to unbox it, lube it up, and feed it about 150 rounds with absolutely no issues whatsoever. You put together an AWESOME product, which was much more than I could have expected, the customer service which I received from Logan during the ordering process was top notch, and the response received with each inquiry was more than any other business out there could possibly hope to match. I will be keeping you in mind each and every time I am looking to add to my collection. Thanks again!


Ronnie H from Texas 3/7/2018

Just writing to provide feedback on the Diamond Back AR pistol I purchased recently from your shop. Its an AR pistol 10' all black, from Diamond Back. My first purchase through a website (Gunbroker), and was nervous to pull the trigger (pun intended). This thing is beautiful! Thank you so much for your business! I look forward to purchasing more in the future. You are an amazing company and so customer friendly. Keep it up. A+++++


Brandon H from Georgia 10/4/18

I picked up my gun from my FFL, and pleased or happy doesn't say enough. I'm so glad I chose you guys. The whole experience went beyond expectations. Thank you


Doug R from California 1/16/19

I just went to my FFL and began the necessary paperwork for ATF background, and I got to see the rifle in person. You guys did an absolutely fantastic job putting it together, everyone in the store was really impressed and the entire setup looks flawless, I’m stoked! Thank you for all the help and I look forward to doing more business soon!


John D from Kansas 1/19/19

I received my new DB AR15 10” Pistol was outfitted perfectly! TacOpShop is absolutely First Class!! 



Bill K from North Carolina 7/11/2019

I have taken possession of the Keltec RDB…. and DAAANNNG! It exceeds all expectation of awesomeness….. In fact… it was so awesome, that the gun shop who transferred the build to me INSISTED that we all test fire it, plunked down a box of 5.56 Frange and we all put a few rounds through it.

They were so impressed, one of the guys there said he ordered one when it arrived on Tues, after having a look at it!

So thank you… for an excellent build…. I will be a long time customer for sure!


Dale B from St. Louis 10/3/2019

I was like a kid on Christmas morning when the DB15P was delivered. I like the reflex scope. The gun is lightweight and easy to handle and sight in. TacOpShop was great to work with, from start to finish. 


Jerry H from Indiana 5/20/2020

Just got my Stag Arms lefty super kit!!! LOVE IT! Thank you all So Much!!! Very happy with my purchase and your shop is Top Notch in my book!!! Wish to express my deepest gratitude for a Job well done by You and Tonya and on providing me with a excellent rifle super kit of my dreams!!! You both were great to work with and so helpful too! Thank You so much and may God bless your store greatly!!! And I will let EVERYONE know of your wonderful store I know!! 


John K from Nebraska 11/30/2020

I want to thank you for great customer service and smooth transaction. I picked up my purchase from my FFL this afternoon and it could not have been an easier transaction. I will be recommending your business to all my friends.


Clark V from Idaho 1-25-2021

Just got my rifle today and I gotta say the only thing more beautiful is my wife. It feels great. Great balance. It surpassed my expectations to a stunning degree. Thank you so much.


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