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Police Discount

TacOpShop Supports the Police!

We don't just say that.  We don't just say that because many Police are our customers.  We really mean it.  Unapologetically.

Police are people just like the rest of us. As such, they'll have bad days, occasionally lose their temper, don't like getting yelled at, slapped, or threatened.  Just like us, they sometimes overreact, which usually can only be judged retrospectively.  Police face every day what the citizenry only face once or twice in their lifetime.  Police, like the rest of us, have a strong survival instinct and sometimes respond out of fear or suspicion.  We should expect nothing more.

Police are also the primary component in maintaining peace and a sense of safety for the rest of us.  When folk look out their window at the guy who keeps driving around their block late at night, they are comforted when they realize it's a police officer in a police cruiser instead of a thug casing the place.

Like most police, TacOpShop supports the independence of the police force from Federal Government meddling and control.  Keeping local police departments accountable to their local communities is the surest way to ensure the balance of safety and freedom that the Constitutional founders so delicately designed.  The militarization of America's police departments only started when the federal government first created national police departments in the form of the FBI, U.S. Marshals, DEA, ATF, Secret Service and others, and then started meddling in the affairs of State and Local law enforcement, which is not one of the federal government's enumerated powers.

A few, very few, bad apples should not be used to broadly characterize the many honorable police officers bravely patrolling our highways, urban neighborhoods, rural lands, and inland waters.  No other cross-section of society has been besmirched the way police have been.  The principal members of TacOpShop have several times called upon the services of the local police in Indiana and Utah to assist in ways only they have been empowered to do, including in the hazardous recovering of stolen firearms.  In these incidents, the officers acquitted themselves splendidly on all points.

We honor the many Law Enforcement families that exercise the second amendment art of self defense while their brave husbands or wives, moms or dads are walking the beat, cruising America's neighborhoods, pursuing violent criminals and otherwise suppressing the ever rising tide of lawlessness that is encouraged by the entitlement society and the welfare state.

TacOpShop is proud to give $50 off any regularly priced SuperKit package, or $35 off any accessorized rifle, shotgun or pistol.



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