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Out-of-State Transfers

How do Out-of-State Transfers Work?

The BATFE requires that all state-to-state transfers be performed through a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer, an FFL.  At the time of purchase, or soon after, TacOpShop will request that you provide the name, city and phone number of the FFL you wish to use to perform the state-operated background check, and to perform the legal transfer of your new firearm.

One thing to be aware of is that there are two fees you will pay to your FFL upon pick-up.

NICS Background Check - This fee is a set amount by the state of residence.  State NICS charges range from $5.00 to $25.00, depending upon the political leanings of the states.  Most states waive this fee if you have your concealed weapons permit.

Transfer Fee - Transfer fees are the only motivation FFL Dealers have to accept incoming firearms sold by other dealers.  Most dealers are content with a $20 to $35 fee, which is reasonable.  Other dealers like to discourage local customers from buying online or from other dealers.  Some of them charge exhorbitant fees, up to $150 plus 10% of the value of the firearm, in extreme cases.  In other cases, such as Southern California, FFL dealers have joined together to up the average fee local customers are paying for firearms purchased out-of-state.  It's best to shop your options when accepting inbound, firearm transfers.  GunBroker has an excellent facility for finding FFL's by State or Zip Code.  Know what your dealer is going to charge you before selecting them to perform the transfer.

TacOpShop will ship your firearm by FedEx Ground or 2nd Day Air.  We will include a copy of our License, as well as a copy of your paid invoice in the package.  The receiving dealer will open the package, find your invoice, and contact via the phone, email or address included on the invoice.

Beware leaving your gun in the hands of a receiving dealer for very long.  Many charge holding fees after a certain number of days, usually over 30. This is more an issue for deployed soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors, who don't plan on returning home for a while, or whose plans can change due to stop-gap measures, emergency TDY's or change of orders.  TacOpShop will hold your firearm(s) indefinitely without incurring additional charges.  If you want us to delay shipping, just request that at time of order.


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