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Never Bought Gun Online

Here's How!

A question we regularly get is, "What's involved in buying a gun online?" It's a good question, and one that requires a knowledge of the relevant laws and jurisdictions. It is also a question that carries possible criminal consequences if you get it wrong.

Purchasing a gun online usually follows along these lines:

  1. A customer calls us to place an order over the phone or he places an order online.
  2. They describe any customization they'd like to the firearm or package and get a final price, and/or a printed quote via email.
  3. They find a dealer in their own state that has agreed to transfer the gun to their possession. That FFL dealer (Federal Firearms Licensee), knows the laws for their own jurisdiction. They will tell the customer whether the gun can be legally transferred to their state.
  4. They call us again and inform us which FFL dealer they'd like to use to do their transfer.
  5. While on the phone, they make payment via credit or debit card, or make other payment arrangements.
  6. Once payment has been made, we contact their FFL and they transmit a copy of their FFL License ("File Copy") via Fax or Email to us.
  7. Upon receiving their FFL, we ship the firearm(s) to the FFL in the customer's (your) state. We include in the box a printed copy of the invoice, as well as a printed copy of our FFL license.
  8. When the firearm is received by your FFL, they contact you to come pick up your firearm using the contact information on the invoice.
  9. When you arrive at your FFL, you'll need to bring a state-issued ID, as well as payment for any tranfer fee and state or NICS background check mandated by your state.
  10. If you pass the background check, the firearm is yours.

This is the "happy path" for purchasing a firearm out of state. Other encumerances sometimes occur, such as failed background checks, uncooperative FFL's and other issues, but 99% of the time, all goes smoothly.

Check out our FAQ to know how to overcome many of the obstacles that might make your experience less than pleasant.
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